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Why subscribe to the HR Network mailing list?  The world is changing and so is the job market. Whether you are happily employed or in an active search, it's important to keep your finger on the pulse of the local HR job market.  You just never know.  The perfect job at the company of your dreams might just open up. 

The HR Network Job Updates go out every weekday when a new job posted.  It only takes a few seconds to open the message and scan the job postings.  You don't need to scroll through hundreds of irrelevant jobs to find what you want.  All of the job postings are in the HR field and in Oregon, Washington or remote.  See something interesting?  Click the handy link for more details.

Got a few more seconds?  On Fridays, check out the professional development opportunities in the Weekly Newsletter.  Many events are free and provide recertification credits.

Subscribing to the HR Network is free and takes less than 6 seconds.  Join several thousand of your Oregon and Washington HR colleagues who have already discovered the HR Network.  

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